Who is John Dalt?
John Dalt helps investors make... Solid returns and limited losses. Provide for your families future.

John Dalt has started and run businesses for over 30 years. He has had retail businesses, real estate developments, business to business sales. Bought and sold millions in real estate, millions of dollars of equipment, and done business with sealed bids to governments. John Dalt has traded the stock market full time since 2006.
I've sold my last business so I can spend more time with our 4 girls. I enjoy trading in the stock market. I love the action, the market presents opportunities every day. But don't be confused, it's not a casino, YOU CAN WIN if your careful and disciplined.
Investment Philosophy 
In Galt's Long Term Portfolio, the first question to ask, "Is this a business I want to own?" Next question, "Does management execute well?" I want businesses that "sweat" profits! Growing businesses with good cash flow. I stay away from companies I don't understand. I like management that works to improve shareholder value. Preferably, management that has some "skin" in the game. I stay away from creative partnerships with former directors, and other third parties.
I don't like companies that dilute shareholders with offerings at depressed prices or for unwarranted reasons. I want it simple, profitable, and growing! If I wouldn't want to own all of it, why would I want part of it?  We use trailing stops to protect our gains.  I would rather make money and pay taxes than loose gains only to sit on a stock for a few years waiting for it to come back up.
Income Philosophy
Our Buy, Sell, Hold service looks for stocks that we believe represent a value. but offer attractive option premiums.  We balance income with downside protection.  We want to profit but take some of the risk out of the market.  We like to roll them over and keep the gains coming in month after month.
Trade Philosophy
In SwingTrader, we buy when value and the market almost guarantee a profit. Then I like to treat 'em like horses, "Ride 'em till they stumble, then get a new ride". The Pony Express didn't deliver the mail with one horse! We want to take quick profits, then find the next opportunity.  We hold stocks for days, weeks or months. I don't like losing gains back! The market movements are making quick profits for my readers right now!
I am an open book. The stocks I recommend are my favorites. They are paying for my family's future. They can pay for yours too.  I always use stop losses. Sometimes I break the rules. But, I've gotten bitten too many times to trade "story" stocks. I don't like to hold onto losers. I don't like to hold forever. Make the money, go onto the next idea. I'll give you some good ideas to think about for your trades. It's your money, it's not easy, but it's a heck of a lot of fun when your making money! I do not accept money from anybody to "pump" any stock. What you get from me is my honest opinion, not hype.