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  • 44 Life Lessons
    This will make you think
  • Alan Keyes
    Alan Keyes video about President Obama
  • Bank Crisis in Simple Terms
    Heidi uses lose credit to increase sales, for a while.
  • Bill of Federalism
    Randy E. Barnett's Bill of Federalism Mr. Barnett teaches constitutional law at Georgetown Law Center
  • Billy Graham
    Billy Graham's Prayer for our Country
  • Carrying a Gun
    Explain why it is better to carry to carry a gun than not.
  • CIA Legal Docs for Interrogation
    Access the Memos to the CIA outlining rules for Interrogation of al Qaeda Operatives
  • Copper Clappers
    Johnny Carson and Jack Webb discuss a theft
  • Definitions
    Who hasn't thought it?
  • Derivative Math
    Pricing the value of derivatives.
  • Eggs & Politics
    A funny look at the similarities
  • Funny Pictures & Videos
    I wish I had learned this earlier!
  • Gun Control by W. Shatner
    William Shatner video on the importance of carrying a gun
  • Governmentium
    A new element has been discovered.
  • High Voltage Power Line Worker
    Video of High Voltage Power Line Worker
  • Homeland Security Report on Right Wing Radicals in The U.S.
    Access the Complete Homeland Security Department report on Right Wing Radicals and Extremists
  • Inside the Space Station
    Video from inside the space station
  • Juggler
    Watch the most amazing Juggler to Beatles Music
  • Liberals and Conservatives
    Our History comes back to haunt us.
  • National Debt Road Trip
    Here is a video demonstrating how fast the U.S. is spending money, we don't have.
  • OH! Bama Breeds Climate of Hate Against Jews
    By Rabbi Dr. Morton H. Pomerantz
  • One Nation Under God
    A video interview with Jon McNaughton with his painting.
  • One of Those Days
    Little Shrunken Sings the Blues
  • Ronald Reagan
    Video links, quotes from Ronald Reagan
  • Separation Agreement
    What about States Rights?
  • Taser Court Videos
    Watch these people explain to a judge what upstanding citizens they are...until they see the police video
  • Tax Poem
    Rhyming is easy, paying taxes is hard
  • Voting Democratic
    Stupidity of Voting Democratic
  • Why The U.S. is Bankrupt
    The Cost of Illegal Immigration