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Headline Risk Overload
Research for Online Investors


This week we have headline overload. The leaders of the G-20 nations are meeting in Los Cabos, Mexico. President Obama will be meeting with Angela Merkel this afternoon to twist her arm to increase growth initiatives and ease bailout austerity measures. In Athens, New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras is meeting to form a government after elections yesterday gave his party 29.7% of the vote. SYRIZA (party of the Radical Left) came in second with 27% and PASOK (socialist) received 12.3%.

Samaras will meet with PASOK leaders to enlist their support in the legislature and perhaps join the government. The winning party in Greek elections receives 50 bonus seats in the Parliament, so New Democracy and PASOK would have 162 seats in the 300 seat Parliament. Reuters has the latest news on Greece in “Greece’s New Democracy seeks bailout Coalition.


President Obama has requested a meeting with European Leaders this evening to discuss lasting solutions to the eurozone debt crisis so it does not spread damage to the U.S. Germany has opened the door to slowing the timetable on the speed of Greece implementing budget cuts to bring their budget in line, but has not budged on the necessity for governments to move towards closer fiscal integration and cede their sovereign budget authority. Reuters has more on the G-20 meeting.

Iran and the P5+1 countries started negotiations this morning in Moscow to resolve the Iranian nuclear standoff. The P5+1 is made up of the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad posted comments on his Presidential website that Iran would be willing to stop enriching uranium to 20% purity for nuclear medical research if other countries agreed to supply its needs.

Ahmadinejad’s term ends with elections next year and observers do not know if he speaks for the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The Moscow round of negotiations are scheduled to end tomorrow.